Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission are now CLOSED 


Abstracts and slides: English language should be used. 

Oral presentations: May be given in English or German.

Posters: English or German. Please make sure you bring an English summary with your poster in German.

–> In order to apply, please make sure you clearly indicate the subject of your abstract and make sure at least one of the author will attend the congress.

Form of Abstract

The abstract in English should be submitted in a Microsoft Word text editor. An abstract is recommended to be written in structured form in following sequence: range up to 200 words, 3-5 keywords and address of the corresponding author, including e-mail address. The minimal length of the abstract should be half A4 pages. Abstract should be typed in Arial size 10 font with keeping 12 point spacing.

Each abstract should have a title typed in Arial, bold, size 12 font, name(s) of the author(s) in the following form: surname, first name(s) initial(s), name of the institution, city, and country. For the purpose of identification of author(s) and institution it is essential to use Arabic figures in upper index before the author’s name.


­­­­­Instructions to Speakers

Speakers will be asked to leave their presentations with the stage manager. Presentations must be in Windows PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 format. Please bring your document to the technician on a USB at least an hour prior to your speech. The audiovisual technician will assist you downloading your document on the computer network. If there is a movie clip in your presentation, please make sure it is a standard format that can be read on a PC Windows XP, Vista or Seven. You will be asked to acquaint yourself with the equipment as you won’t be able to use your own computer.


– 8 minutes only plus 2 minutes for the debate –

The time schedule of each intervention will be displayed in the program. Please make sure you respect the time slot given. Debates are essential, the discussion moderator will be strict and may intervene and ask the speaker to get to the conclusion if a session shows signs of over-running the time allotted.

Some of the presentations will be gathered together prior to a joint/shared intervention starts. All the speakers will stay on stage during this discussion to answer questions and comments regarding their own intervention.

Please note there is no Internet connexion in the conference room, you won’t be able to use the network during your intervention.

Displayed Posters

Posters have to be displayed during the discussion.

Requirements regarding the document: 940 x 2040 mm, readable from 2m distance, portrait layout, not too thick.


Please make sure you bring your own tack putty – no tape please.

Posters have to be self-explanatory and relatively straightforward. Visually catchy and interesting without being too sophisticated and follow the below format:

“Goals – Methods – Results – Conclusion”

Leftover Posters on the boards after the session will be hand over to the congress welcome desk until the end of the event. Please make sure you get them back as we won’t be able to send them back to you.